Hey there, I’m Kendra!

I’m a 27 year old New England native, practicing Dental Hygienist( shout out to my fellow RDH ladies&gents), cat mom to the cutie pictured to the left and lover of life. I am also a total wellness junkie and love sharing my journey with others. I recently have focused my time on full body health and wellness by incorporating more whole foods into my diet and making time for exercise whether that is lifting weights, HIIT workouts or a calming yoga sesh. Working a full time job I was caught up in the mindset that I simply did not have the time to focus on my health because I was too tired, or already healthy enough or young enough to endure treating my body not so great blah blah blah. I honestly felt fed up with my own excuses and felt like crap. I have always suffered with anxiety, and still do to this day but taking charge of my health whether its deciding what is best to fuel my body or mind with or taking a much needed rest day has helped me tremendously. I hate restrictive diets, and over working my body just as much as I hate eating like crap 24/7 and never working up a sweat. My mantra is wellness balance! Not everyone feels this is the best way to reach their goals whatever that may be, but personally I like to workout hard but also enjoy my glass of wine. With that I hope you find encouragement and the motivation to incorporate some wellness balance into your life. Cheers!