[ with sweet&spicy dipping sauce ]⁣


These are so hard to stop eating and there’s no need to when your wrap is made from lettuce! Hellllooooo healthy!

1 pack ground turkey ⁣
1 head of romaine hearts ⁣
3 Fresno chili’s ⁣
3 tbsp freshly chopped ginger ⁣
4 cloves minced garlic ⁣
2 tsp brown sugar ⁣
Olive oil ⁣
Sesame seed oil ⁣
Fish sauce ⁣
Zest and juice 1 lime ⁣
Spring onions ⁣
Salt and pepper ⁣
Crushed red chili flakes ⁣

1 tsp brown sugar ⁣
3ish tbsp soy sauce ⁣
1 tbsp sesame seed oil ⁣
1 tsp olive oil ⁣
1 tsp fish sauce ⁣
1 Fresno chili ⁣
1 tbsp Lime juice⁣
1/4 cup fresh cilantro chopped ⁣
*MIX all sauce ingredients and taste test as you go I like mine a little tangy with heat, be sure to not overdue oil, balance sweet, salty and spicy.⁣

1. Season meat with salt, pepper and crush chili flakes.⁣
2. Heat a few tbsp olive oil in a saucepan on high heat.⁣
3. Add turkey, break up in pan with wooden spoon and let it crisp up!
4. Once brown and crispy, drain excess oils and set aside in bowl. Wipe pan clean.⁣
5. With that same pan, turn down to med-low heat, add a few tbsp sesame seed oil- fry chopped chili’s, ginger, garlic, brown sugar until slightly browned.⁣
6. Add turkey back into pan with ingredients.⁣
7. Add about 1 tsp fish sauce, lime zest and juice. Mix together- adding spring onions last!⁣

Serve turkey with lettuce and dipping sauce.⁣
I like to eat them just like a taco, and drizzle sauce!

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